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2017-05-18 13:04:04 by Delamortes

Alot of people PM me about sending them some of my sprites. IT'S PUBLIC ALREADY


You can get em here:

Delamortes Official Sprite Sheet

Small Weapon Pack


Also watch this for old time sake.


2017-02-24 06:13:18 by Delamortes

The reason I removed ya'll was because I've decided that Steam is for my personal time. I get on there to get away from everything. So there is no point in adding me back. But I understand you didn't know the reason for it as I just deleted you out of nowhere.

I'm not often on Newgrounds, but just know you can PM me on NG if you wanna talk, be happy to.

Full Sprite Sheet

2016-05-02 09:08:55 by Delamortes

I keep seeing people using my new sprite sheet which is fantastic. And even keep making new hands for it. I already have them done, you were just given a limited edition of it back in 2015. So therefore, because of it's popularity and high demand for more. I'll give you the full grunt package today.




No christmas greetings

2015-12-24 07:14:08 by Delamortes

Fuck ya!

It's Madness Day . .

2015-09-22 14:58:10 by Delamortes

This is what you'll only get from me this year.


2015-05-15 06:57:41 by Delamortes

"I would love to see a test done with THIS new shiny sprite sheet of mine. Figured I would do "something" on Newgrounds since my last post was almost half a year ago." [EXPIRED]

Thank you, to those that made tests. Was a pleasure.


Working on something big.

2015-01-01 14:22:16 by Delamortes

Me and 11 other talented madness animators are working on a collab for Madness Day 15. You will know what the project is when I say Alpha Nuva is the host for the movie. I read the script he wrote for it and it's just gorfing epic. If everyone does what they are told, I can guarantee that this collaboration will be the greatest one ever created in the Madness Combat 12 years of existence. I am starting from scraps with this too, making my own official Madness sprite sheet which I will be using for the rest of my appearance on Newgrounds. So I gotta draw all the characters from Rebooting the Madness.

It's fun, I gotta say. For once being original. I like.


Blood Moon

2014-10-09 08:57:05 by Delamortes

Anyone caught the blood moon yesterday?

I missed it once again, though I don't know if it even is visible from Sweden.

Happy madness day 2014

2014-09-22 11:36:31 by Delamortes

Happy madness day 2014

Madness: Project Nexus 2 KICKSTARTER

2014-08-25 13:26:56 by Delamortes


I'll be taking home the Hacker Pack and my secret cheat code. Later boys!